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Expanding operations to the global marketplace outside U.S. borders requires U.S. companies to navigate not only complex issues of U.S. federal law, but also foreign laws that may not offer the same protections as U.S. law or that impose greater restrictions on a company.  Failure to identify and comply with applicable legal requirements can seriously impede a company’s expansion strategy.   Choices regarding market presence outside the United States can also have significant tax consequences on a company and its affiliates.


We help U.S. companies in understanding the different alternatives available to them for expanding operations outside U.S. borders. Depending on the objectives of the client, the particular growth opportunity, the sector and market constraints, we analyze the legal and tax consequences of various approaches and, with the assistance of our network of trusted advisors in relevant countries, we reconcile disparate laws and regulations to identify the optimal means for companies to access markets outside U.S. borders.